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It is considered to be a coast town standing on a strip of sea which is a popular attraction due to the beauty emanating from its environment. Located in Granadilla de Abona municipality, south of Tenerife, it extends all over an area of 155 square kilometres.

Among many attractions found in Los Abrigos town, there are several restaurants specializing in shellfish, scattered throughout a highly urbanized area in keeping with a growing tourist development. Here the visitor is attracted by a daily quiet atmosphere as well as man-made accommodation and recreation facilities.

The port area where fishermen gather appears to be a nice place in the eyes of both outsiders and locals who come here to taste a variety of high-quality dishes which can be considered amongst the most exquisite ones in Tenerife.

This area is rich in cultural forms, where several traditional festivities and music festivals are held. Every June 13th there is a holiday for San Antonio de Padua, who is the patron saint of Granadilla de Abona. The celebrations consist of a large pilgrimage culminating in a big night festival at the town’s main square.

The main treat offered by Los Abrigos to its visitors is the sun, which accompanies them all year round. Temperatures are nice, especially during the night time when the weather gets cooler. Like in other nearby towns, Los Abrigos has become shelter for some harmless species of the rich animal life in Tenerife, while there are a variety of plants as in the rest of the area.


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